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Bin Omran brings expertise in developing solutions for a variety of telecommunications, security and power management systems. These high end solutions have been designed for both metropolitan and smaller campuses, and demonstrate Bin Omran’s skills to address diverse networking, wiring and power management challenges.   .

Fiber optics
We have been involved in supplying and installing Local Area Network and Metropolitan Area Network for several companies in Qatar such as Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Foundation, Ooredoo and QNBN.
Bin Omran’s solutions for FTTx Networks enable customers to cost-effectively deploy fibre to the last mile. Through specialised portfolios of innovative products and services, Bin Omran’s solutions encompass network planning, system design and network deployment and have been achieved through partnership with Huawei, QNBN and Ooredoo. This has placed the company in a leadership across the Middle East. By leveraging our extensive knowledge base and experience in access deployment, our customers are able to optimise their network architecture through simplified installation process to save both time and expense.
Structured Cabling
Bin Omran is a leading provider of end-to-end structured cabling solutions for telecommunications and ELV systems. Our solutions span the entire spectrum of design, supply, installation as well as implementation, and can readily transform — for instance — any cable infrastructure network into a strategic business asset. Our services include voice integration, data, Wi-Fi, video and other management systems such as safety alarm, control and security, CCTV, BMS, sensors and other low voltage systems with a single, simple and easy to manage network.
Access Control
With the need for powerful, reliable and efficient security systems remaining a top priority for organisations, Bin Omran has addressed these challenges with solutions that comprise design, supply, installation, test and commissioning of Access Control Systems and Anti-intrusion systems such as Road Blockers, Turnstile and Bollards.
We are licensed by Ministry of Interior to supply and install CCTV systems. Our projects are mainly with, but not limited to, the oil and gas, utility and Infrastructure sectors.
AC Generators
Supply, installation and commissioning of all generator capacities.
Rectifier and converter
As an authorised reseller for Enatel-Rectifier in Qatar, we supply and install rectifiers of all capacities. Enatel Energy DC power systems are based on sound engineering design principles, and are available in all shapes and sizes. From wall mounted to fully engineered multiple cabinet solutions, we are committed to providing support for scalable, robust, flexible, accessible and reliable systems.
We install and commission all kinds of UPS — from desktops to data centres. Our partners are APC, Eaton and Emerson
Automation Control
We provide engineering, programming, supply, installation and commissioning for Industrial Automation & Control Systems such as PLC, RTU, SCADA and BMS. and includes. We have partnered with Siemens & Rockwell Alan Bradley to provide these solutions. Our experienced engineers and technicians are always on hand to assemble and test control panels at our integration centre in Al Khor.
Bin Omran has been at the forefront of spearheading efforts to combat global warming, and has made pioneering moves in actively promoting the use of renewable energy and thus minimise the effects of this massive challenge facing businesses and government leaders in the 21st Century. As part of this support for sustainability, Bin Omran was subcontracted the construction of a solar testing facility for Chevron and the Qatar Foundation and are also currently responsible for operating and managing the facility.
We provide optical networks such as SDH, MPLS, DWDM and GBE Industrial Switching to projects for the oil and gas, utility and infrastructure sector.
Switching & Routing
We establish connectivity solutions for all IT enterprise local area networks and also for security systems.
We provide expertise for setting up different voice calling systems such as IP-based Telephone systems, PABX, FIELD Telephones, Explosion proof telephone systems to oil and gas, utility and infrastructure projects.
Wireless (Indoor/ Outdoor)
We provide wireless communication solutions such as Microwave, Radio, eLTE and others.